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WinDVR 3 - Watch and Record TV Shows on your Computer

WinDVR 3 with USB TV Tuner Card

Wouldn’t it be great if you could set up your computer to automatically record all your TV shows so you could watch them whenever you wanted?

Like recording a basketball game while you are at work?

Or like watching your Thursday night shows on Saturday night when you have more time.

What if you could watch TV in the corner of your computer screen while you worked?

Or you could save a whole season of “The Simpsons” to your hard drive? What if manipulating TV was that easy?

WinDVR 3 lets your PC function as a digital video recorder/ personal video recorder, so you can watch TV, record it, and burn it to disc - all that the same time! You don't even have to be there; WinDVR 3 can wake up your computer when it's time to record a show, then shut down all by itself when finished.

InterVideo’s WinDVR 3 lets you:

  • Digitally record your favorite TV shows on your PC

  • Save TV shows as DVD or VCD files to play or burn to DVD/CD later

  • Pause, Instant Replay and Skip Commercials on Live TV

  • Combine WinDVR 3 with a TV tuner card and get advanced TV features without the monthly fees

Flexible Recording FormatsElectronic Program Guide

WinDVR 3 compresses your shows into high quality MPEG-1 and MPEG-2 files in real-time. MPEG-1 video is similar in quality to VHS and you can fit about an hour of MPEG-1 video on a CD. MPEG-2 is what DVDs are made out of, so the video quality is superb. You can fit roughly 3 hours of MPEG-2 video on a DVD, but only about 15 minutes on a CD - MPEG-2 video is much larger than MPEG-1. All of WinDVR-encoded files can be played back in crystal clear color with InterVideo’s WinDVD, the Microsoft Media Player and other popular MPEG video playback products.

Record and Save Shows as DVDs and VCDs

InterVideo’s WinDVR lets you save your favorite shows as VCD (video compact disc), SVCD (super video compact disc) and DVD files.

So what, right? Well, for instance, first you could use WinDVR to record an episode of “SpongeBob SquarePants” or “Smallville” to your hard drive as a VCD or DVD file. Next, you can take a product like InterVideo’s WinProducer 3, import the show, edit out all the commercials and save it or burn it on a disk. Or you can save an entire year’s worth of “The Sopranos” or “Friends” to burn later as DVDs (with a DVD burner) or make VCDs of each “Survivor” episode (with a CD burner). Best yet, InterVideo is the same company that makes WinDVD, the world’s most popular DVD player, so we know how to make DVDs great. WinDVR Task Manager


WinDVR also offers the ability to pause live TV, called Time-Shifting. For example, you can sit down to watch “60 Minutes,” pause the live action to help yourself to an ice cold beverage from the fridge and then return to your seat without missing a moment of the show.

Channel Surfing

WinDVR 3 helps you surf channels by displaying 16 channels at once. The program displays video thumbnails of 16 channels at once to help you quickly scan what's on. If you have 80 channels, you can see what all of them are playing with just 5 clicks.

Screen Capture:

WinDVR 3 lets you capture your favorite screen shots from any program you are watching. The shots are saved as a digital picture (Bitmap file) and stored on your hard drive.

Get Set-up Fast with Help From The Wizard:

Because recording TV on your computer is new stuff, InterVideo’s WinDVR includes a “wizard” to help you get started. The “wizard” walks you through the steps of initializing TV on your PC and also helps you get started recording. The “wizard” starts up the first time you start WinDVR and guides you through things like:

  • Establishing your video device and capture source (TV, composite, S-Video, etc.)

  • Setting up your video standard (NTSC, PAL or SECAM)

  • Setting your audio capture source (line-in, auxiliary, etc.)

  • Create a personal TV page

  • Determine your preferred storage location and a whole bunch more

You can set once and forget about. WinDVR 3 also automatically figures out “Good,” “Better,” and “Best” settings that are automatically optimized based on the CPU that is present.

Watching TV will never be the same... you now have complete control over your TV viewing... with WinDVR 3.

Save hours of cartoons, a season of sports, or every episode of a dramatic series -- whatever you want. Make watching TV fun with WinDVR 3!

Buy Now!

More Great WinDVR 3 Features

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