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Home > DVD Authoring/Video Editing > Ulead DVD MovieFactory

Ulead DVD MovieFactory 6 - User Friendly DVD Authoring and DVD Burner Software

DVD MovieFactory® 6Ulead DVD MovieFactory® 6 is easy-to-use disc authoring and burning software for today’s digital lifestyle. Turn your standard or HD video and photos into DVDs with studio-quality personalized menus. Quickly trim and enhance video, and remove commercials from recorded TV programs. Share and preserve your precious memories on CD, DVD, HD DVD or Blu-ray Disc.

Spend less time learning and more time creating. Smart, right-sized tools and automated features make complex tasks easy. Find just the tools you need without having to sift through a maze of overly-complicated software. DVD MovieFactory 5 is the easiest, fastest way to create video, data, or audio discs.

Intuitive Quick-Drop

  • Simply put a blank disc in the burner, and drag any file or folder into the desktop icon.

  • Creates CDs or DVDs, to your preference.

  • Check disc behavior with Smart Preview and display burning progress.

Capture from any device

Your kid’s birthday on camera, your favorite sports, TV series or HDTV broadcasts – DVD MovieFactory 5 captures it all. Remove commercials, trim out the boring bits and spice up the video with the built-in editing tools. Creating video everybody will want to watch is faster and easier than ever.

  • Capture TV transmissions with any TV tuner device.

  • HDTV Capture from any HD source – cable, satellite or broadcast.

  • DVB-T or ATSC (US) digital transmissions supported, in standard or high-definition.

  • Import or capture your video from your DVD , VHS tape or set-top DVD recorder for backup or further editing.

  • Set Auto Capture records your programs while you’re away.

  • Direct to Disc - Capture an entire videotape directly from camcorder to DVD disc, without using any hard drive space.

Powerful Multi-Trim Functions

  • AccuCut – Search and trim any video you don’t want. Find the piece you want to remove, then zoom in on the timeline to see the exact in and out frame where you want to cut.

  • Ad-Zapper – for uninterrupted viewing of your favorite TV shows, you can cut all the commercials before burning your collection to disc. Ad-ZappeBackup Data, Collect Music and Copy Discsr will automatically detect the ads and prompt you to remove them.

  • Preview the results instantly.

Video Editing Tools

  • Video Editing Toolbox – do basic video editing tasks with ease: add titles and background music, mix the audio levels, and auto-add transitions at cut points.

  • Split title let you split a video in two or more parts.

  • Video join lets you join two or more videos so that they play seamlessly without interruption.

  • Video auto-enhance – with one click, you can fix the most common video problems with brightness and contrast.

  • AVCHD Camcorder support – import High-Definition files from AVCHD camcorders that shoot on either hard drive or DVD.

  • Dolby® Digital 5.1 support – DVD MovieFactory takes conventional 2-channel stereo audio and intelligently splits it out to 5.1 Surround Sound specification, for that immersive home theatre experience.

  • DivX® Support – you can now convert your downloaded DivX movies to DVDs. Even download subtitle (.srt) files in the language of your choice and DVD MovieFactory will automatically combine them to synchronize with the video.

  • Auto Subtitle Track – automatically capture video file name, date, time, and EXIF (photo) data and view as a subtitle track. Great for keeping track of when and where you shot your video and pictures.

Author Discs - Advanced Menu Authoring

Create DVD menus that pop. Select from 21 easy-to-use templates that offer all the latest effects. Customize menus to get exactly the personalized look you want.

  • Easy-to-use menu templates give polish to your production. Select from motion menus, still menus or menus with Flash overlays, and modify as you wish.

  • SmartScene Menus – Unique menus where project titles share a single large preview area, rather than appearing as separate motion buttons. Ulead DVD MovieFactory

  • Text menus – Slick-looking menus with text that act as buttons.

  • Loop cue menus – a menu can start, play a short piece first, and then loop from there.

  • Menu transitions – at last, you can create transitions just like Hollywood DVDs. Set menu-in and menu-out transitions to smooth over going into the next title or menu. A total of 41 transition effects are available.

  • Motion Overlays are Flash overlays that give a great sense of motion to your menus, independent of the background.

  • Moveable objects – freely position text, frames and button objects anywhere on your menu, to match your composition with the background.

  • Rotatable text can be rotated to any angle for more eye-catching menus.

  • Simulation switch – use this to preview menu behavior at any time in the authoring process.

  • Motion filter will create movement even on a static menu. Select an image for a background, then animate it with ripples, spotlight effects or pan and zooms to bring it to life.

  • 16:9 Widescreen menus and video is supported for that real Hollywood movie look.

  • MPEG.Now Dual Core Rendering – get faster Smart Render times with dual core or dual-CPU machines.

  • Direct to +/-VR in SD DVD allows for re-editing your video directly on a rewritable disc.

  • WinDVD® 8 Player – Silver version now included, for smooth, crisp playback of all your standard-definition video files and discs.

Photo Slideshows

  • Create slideshows on disc with transitions, music and pan & zoom on images.

  • HD Slideshow lets you use your hi-res digital camera images at their full quality, creating high-definition slideshows that pop right off the screen.

  • ExpressFix™ walks you through the simple steps for fixing common digital photo problems such as red-eye, too-dark or too-bright exposure, color cast, and more.

  • PhotoExplorer™ 8.5 browser included free! Organize and find your photos and videos fast.

PureHD™ HD DVD and Blu-ray

Move up to ultimate quality with PureHD™. Make the most of your HD camcorder, widescreen TV and surround sound system. Easily produce HD discs with fantastic images and sound.

  • PureHD™ Capture - Seamlessly capture from the latest high-definition video camcorders, such as the Sony HDR-HC1. Ulead DVD MovieFactory

  • PureHD™ Authoring & Output - Produce next-generation Blu-ray and HD DVD discs* with professional menus, to play on high-definition playback devices, including the Sony PS3.

  • Blu-ray Direct-to-Disc – Back up an entire tape on high-capacity Blu-ray disc. Capture either in HDV, MPEG 2 or full-resolution DV video from your camcorder or TV, and burn in one pass.

Audio and Data Burning - Music/Data

Whether it’s making discs with your favorite tunes or backing up your photo collection, DVD MovieFactory 5 takes care of all your burning needs.

  • Burn data, pictures or documents to CD, or single- and double-layer DVD.

  • MP3 discs provides many hours of uninterrupted MP3 music on a CD or DVD.

  • Audio CDs are a snap to create. Just drag your music in MP3 or WMA format, and it will be turned into an audio CD.

  • Click and Hiss Removal – clean up recordings from tape or vinyl.

  • Rip Audio CDs – Convert audio CDs to MP3 files, or make your own CD compilations to burn to disc.

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Ulead DVD Workshop FAQs

Q: What video sources can I capture using DVD MovieFactory 6?


A: You can use video clips on your hard drive, from the Internet, set-top DVD recorder discs, HDV camcorder, TV tuner cards, VCRs, TVs, home DVDs and DVD-RAM recorders.


Q: What video formats does DVD MovieFactory support?


A: DVD-Video, DVD+VR, DVD-VR, MPEG-1, MPEG-2, DV AVI, AVI, DAT, VOB, MPV, Windows Media Video (WMV, ASF), QuickTime™ (MOV, QT), You can even import Ulead VideoStudio projects (VSP), as well as video from JVC hard disc camcorders and Windows MCE PCs.


Q: So can I use it with my DVD camcorder?


A: Yes, DVD MovieFactory 6 supports the DVD-VR format that DVD camcorders use.


DVD MovieFactory Awards and Accolades

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