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Home > DVD Burner Tutorials and Articles > LightScribe - Laser-Etched Labeling That's as Easy as Burn, Flip and Burn

LightScribe - Laser-Etched Labeling That's as Easy as Burn, Flip and Burn.

Until now there hasn't been much choice when it comes to creating labels for your CDs and DVDs. Messy markers or sticky adhesive labels were pretty much the only affordable option. But imagine creating professional-looking labels using the same laser that burns your data-right inside your CD/DVD drive! Well, now it's easy with LightScribe Direct Disc Labeling technology.

LightScribe technology is an integrated system that combines the CD or DVD drive of your LightScribe-enabled computer with specially coated discs and enhanced disc-burning software to produce precise, laser-etched labels. You can design and produce labels to express your creativity and personality-the sky's the limit!

With LightScribe, the disc is the label. This amazing technology is the no-hassle way to create elegant labels for all your CDs and DVDs. Simply burn your music mix, digital-video/photo archives, or business application. Then flip the disc and burn your own unique label.

LightScribe Direct Disc Labeling technology is now available in PCs, external USB optical DVD writers, labeling software, and a variety of brand name discs.

A Radical Revolution in Disc Labeling

A marker is a fast label solution but it's messy and, depending on your handwriting, more or less illegible. Adhesive labels are a hassle. Even with a special device to apply them, they don't always end up as smooth and even as you would like. With an inkjet printer, you have the expense of ink cartridges to think about, and you're tethered to your desk.

Once you've burned your first LightScribe label and experienced the amazing result, you'll never want to use a permanent marker or sticky label again. LightScribe makes it easy. It truly is a revolution in disc labeling.

How does it work?

How can you burn a label onto your disc right from your computer? Suppose you have just created a music CD of your favorite songs. Now you want to make a label that contains the song titles, artists' names, and some personal information and design elements to make it special.

Burn your tracks onto the data side of the disc. Flip the disc over to the label side and put it back in the drive. Burn your label by opening your favorite LightScribe-enabled label-making software and going to the CD template work area. Now you do all of your creative design work-imported pictures, copy, and artwork. When you are satisfied with what you have done, click "print." It really is that simple! No ink, no messy markers, no clumpy adhesive labels . just an amazingly beautiful label right before your eyes.

Your LightScribe-enabled CD/DVD disc drive contains a special laser that pumps light energy into a thin dye coating on the label side of the disc. The light from the laser causes a chemical change in the dye coating that shows up as a visible point on the disc. With laser precision, LightScribe delivers closely controlled light energy to multiple points on the disc as it spins in the drive. The result is a high-resolution reproduction of the artwork, text, or photos you composed in the software application. Seeing is believing!

You can use LightScribe to make the most basic labels, or create elaborate ones with photos, art, and text. There are no limits. So be bold and make a statement! Share the results and listen to your friends exclaim, "Hey, how'd you do that?" LightScribe labels let you express yourself in your own unique way.

LightScribe Direct Disc Labeling is a revolutionary technology whose time has come. The days of markers and adhesive labels are over. Now there's LightScribe-the only method available to burn elegant, laser-etched CD and DVD labels right from your computer's disc drive.

Looking for LightScribe products? Here are the companies that produce the hardware, software, and media that will help complete your LightScribe experience. Look for the LightScribe logo at your favorite retailers.


BenQ DW1625: Give your discs a professional look with laser inscribed labels that are as easy as burn-flip-burn! When using LightScribe media you will no longer need to compromise between messy handwriting on your discs and expensive sticker labels, as the DW1625 will laser inscribe a label directly onto the disc.

HP: Ready. Set. Scribe. Always on the vanguard of the latest innovations, HP is launching LightScribe technology in select PCs and drives. Paired with special LightScribe media, HP provides a complete solution, designed to work seamlessly to deliver silk screen quality labels laser etched directly to your CD or DVD.

LaCie: Tired of scribbling labels on your discs? LaCie is launching LightScribe technology in DVD burners for Macintosh and Windows compatible computers. Paired with special LightScribe media, LaCie provides complete external and internal solutions, designed to work seamlessly to deliver silk screen quality labels laser etched directly to your CD or DVD media. LaCie LightScribe solutions: LaCie d2 DVD±RW with LightScribe – FireWire w/Toast Titanium for OS X and LaCie d2 DVD±RW with LightScribe – USB2/FireWire for Windows XP and OS X


Cyberlink: Founded in 1995, CyberLink Corp. is a world leader and pioneer in bringing advanced digital video and audio software to the market. Producer of the world’s leading DVD software player, PowerDVD, CyberLink also delivers solutions that include video editing and recording, on-line training and distance learning solutions, digital media presentation and delivery, and CD/DVD data storage and backup.

InterVideo: InterVideo is licensing the LightScribe label printing technology in order to develop compelling products for users to easily create unique CD/DVD labels.

Nero: Nero, leaders in digital media technology, offers the most reliable CD/DVD-software applications in the entire industrial segment. As excellent service and satisfaction for our customers is the base of our success we support the LightScribe technology in order to enhance our exceptional product Nero 6. Other Nero products and technologies include Nero Digital™ (audio/video technology), SIPPS (VoIP Software), and across (professional computer-aided translation software).

Sonic: Sonic Solutions is the leader in digital media software, providing a broad range of interoperable, platform independent software tools and applications for creative professionals, business and home users, and technology partners. Sonic's products range from advanced DVD authoring systems and interactive content delivery technologies used to produce the majority of Hollywood DVD film releases, to the award-winning Roxio® and Sonic-branded CD and DVD creation, playback and backup solutions that have become the premiere choice for consumers, prosumers and business users worldwide. Acoustica CD Label Maker!

SureThing CD/DVD Labeler: Uniquely positioned to serve both end-users and OEM partners with a scalable line of CD labeling solutions, SureThing CD/DVD Labeler is now working with LightScribe to provide users with one of the first CD/DVD labeling applications to be completely LightScribe-enabled. Plus, you can create DVD inserts, jewel case inserts, and much more.

Acoustica CD/DVD Label Maker: A felt tip pen is nice for quickly labeling your CDs and DVDs, but if you want to add some class, you need to try Acoustica CD/DVD Label Maker! Create your own CD/DVD labels, DVD jewel cases and DVD box covers with the ultimate in ease and flexibility! Version 3 now supports HP LightScribe direct labeling drives! Acoustica is a certified HP LightScribe partner. Buy Acoustica CD/DVD Label Maker - US$21.95

Blank Media:

HP: The leader in LightScribe technology, HP offers high-quality LightScribe CDs and DVDs online and through retailers around the world. Great memories deserve the best. Great projects deserve HP LightScribe media.

Imation: Imation, a worldwide leader in removable data storage media with more than 50 years of data storage technology leadership, will be among the first to offer LightScribe-enabled CD and DVD media as part of a full portfolio of offerings. Consumers worldwide can feel confident knowing their precious memories and valuable data are stored on high-quality Imation brand media.

Memorex: Memorex Products, Inc. is the industry sales and marketing leader of digital media and media accessories. A widely recognized and respected name in consumer electronics since 1970, Memorex today is a leading brand in CD and DVD media, optical drives, flash drives ,and computer accessories. Memorex's CD-R 80 LightScribe 10pk in Slim Jewel Case is perfect for both music and data. Their Memorex DVD+R LightScribe 10pk in 10mm Jewel Case is perfect for recording home movies, multimedia presentations, and archiving photos and data.

Verbatim: Verbatim Corporation is an international organization that develops and markets innovative, high-quality products for storing, moving and using digital content. Known for its leadership in the removable storage media and related accessories markets, the company provides reliable, unique technologies and products that are highly sought after and broadly distributed worldwide. Verbatim will be one of the first to produce and market LightScribe media in North America, Europe, Japan and additional overseas markets.


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