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What To Look For In Your Next DVD Player

1. Component Video
With video, the rule of thumb is: The less processing the better. Connecting your DVD player to a TV via the S-Video connection will provide improved detail versus a conventional composite video connection because it bypasses the comb filter in a color television set.

A component video signal provides your television with individual channels of color and detail information and bypasses both the comb filter and the NTSC decoder in the color television set. The result is enhanced color purity, color detail, and resolution. The ColorStream® component video connection ensures the very best picture quality possible from your DVD-Video player.

2. Progressive Scan
To save space on the disc, DVD software is often mastered as progressive video. A conventional DVD player reads this information and then creates 60 fields of interlaced video for display on a conventional (interlaced) NTSC television set. More recently, with the introduction of progressive scan capable HDTV and HDTV-ready televisions sets, we can take advantage of the enhanced vertical resolution, lack of flicker, and film-like quality of a progressively scanned DVD image.

Toshiba progressive scan DVD players, equipped with 3:2 Digital Cinema Progressive technology elegantly convert the 26 frame film content recorded on the disc into 60 full frames for display on a progressive scan television set. The absence of flicker, and annoying line structure allows you to sit even closer to the picture for an even larger home theater experience!

3. HDCD Decoding (High Definition Compatible Digital)
More than 5000 Compact Discs have been recorded using a sophisticated process developed by Pacific Microsonics. These discs, labeled with the HDCD logo, offer life-like extended range including richer bass, cleaner treble, and a more three-dimensional musical experience from any stereo playback system. Another benefit is that the high-precision digital-to-analog filtering of HDCD-equipped players will actually improve the sound quality of any conventional CD. Select Toshiba Models Offer HDCD Precision Filtering and Decoding.

4. DVD-Audio
DVD-Audio is THE next generation of high-resolution audio disc format that is available today. The increased disc capacity of the DVD format enables spectacular high-resolution 2-channel and multi-channel music with you-are-there realism. DVD-Audio discs support greater sampling rates (up to 192kHz) and word lengths (24-bit) both of which contribute to a richer audio experience than CD ever could. Plus, DVD-Audio lets you view text, still pictures, slide shows, and even artists' videos on-screen. If you're looking for a player that is 'future compatible' then choose one that plays the highest resolution music discs, DVD-Audio! Select Toshiba Models are Compatible with DVD-Audio Discs.

5. Digital Picture Zoom
Sometimes DVD movies are only presented in the letterbox format that mask the top and bottom portions of the picture with black bars. This type of picture can seriously reduce the viewable size of the image when displayed on a 4:3 (conventional) television set. But with a digital picture zoom, you can effectively expand the image to take advantage of usable area of the picture tube. This feature can also be used to examine a film's special effects and highlight background details. All Toshiba DVD Models Have Digital Picture Zoom.

6. DVD/DVD-R/CD-R/CD-RW/VCD Playback
When evaluating players, make sure yours can play the full spectrum of available disc media. Besides conventional DVD movie discs, some players will also play music discs recorded on a personal computer, including recordable Compact Disc (CD-R), and re-writable Compact Disc (CD-RW) content. Additionally, look for a player that is compatible with Recordable DVD (DVD-R) and Video CD playback. Select Toshiba DVD models offer DVD/DVD-R/CD-R/CD-RW/VCD playback.

Source: Toshiba


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