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Home > DVD Burner Tutorials and Articles > Audio DVD Creator Guide

Audio DVD Creator Guide

Welcome to Audio DVD Creator guide! Audio DVD Creator is a revolutionary tool that changes the way you listen to your favorite music. You can create DVD disc compiled from normal Audio CDs and MP3 files, and play it on any DVD player since it's DVD-Video compliant. You can choose the audio format from high quality (up to 6 hours PCM 48kHz/16bits) or high quantity (up to 45 hours AC3 192kbps).

Audio DVD Creator is very easy to use, the Wizard will guide you step by step, and you just need to click “Next” and “Back” button to go through the creation of your Audio DVD.

1. First Step - Welcome to Audio DVD Creator!

When you start up the application, you will see a "Welcome" page. If you are a fresh user, just click "New Project" button to create a new empty project. The project is a file which will save all the information of your Audio DVD, so that you can edit it later.

After you click the "New Project" button, the Wizard will go to the next step "Settings" page.

2. Second Step - Settings

In "Settings" page, you can set some essential options for creating your Audio DVD.

Audio Format:

Select the audio encoding format: PCM (48kHz/16bits) has high quality, the total playing time is up to 6 hours. AC3 (192kbps) has high quantity, the total playing time is up to 45 hours, and the quality is still good.

TV Mode:

Select the TV Mode which is compatible with your DVD player.

NTSC: NTSC (National Television Standards Committee) is a standard used in North America and Japan. It has the ability to display up to 525 lines of resolution.

PAL: PAL (Phase Alternating Line), a standard used almost everywhere else in the world, has the ability to display 625 lines of resolution.

Background Image:

Select a background image which will be displayed through the whole audio playback. There is a default image available, and you can choose your own one.

Note: if the TV Mode is NTSC, the background image format must be 704(Width) * 480(Height), if it is PAL, the format must be 704(Width) * 576(Height).

Project Name:

Set the project name that will be the default Volume Name of your Audio DVD.

You can also click "Reset default settings" to reset all the options to default status.

When you finish the settings , click "Next" to "Author" Page!

3. Third Steps - Author

Now you can add your favorite Audio CDs or MP3,WAV files to Audio DVD project.

Let's add Audio CD tracks at first. You can click "Add Audio CD" button in the left upper corner of "Author" Page.

In "Add Audio CD" window, you can see all your CD/DVD drives in the CD-ROM list. Please insert an Audio CD disc to your CD-ROM, and select it in the CD-ROM list. Audio DVD Creator will select all the tracks by default. You just need to click “Add to Project”, and Audio DVD Creator will rip the selected audio tracks to WAV files on hard disk at first , then import them to the project automatically.

You can also use the ThirdParty CD Rip Tools to rip your CDs to WAV files at first, then add them by "Add Music Files" function.

By clicking "Add Music Files", you can add audio files on your hard disk to the project.

"Add Music Files" window has an explorer-like interface: you can navigate to the directory which contains your audio files, you can see all the supported audio files in the file list, and you can click “Add Folder” to import all the audio flies in current directory to the "Import File List", or you can select specific audio files and click “Add Files” to impor them to "Import File List".

Finally, you can click “OK” to import all the audio files in the "Import File List" to project.

Note: please check the size of project by the indication of Data Size Pie Graph, to make sure that it's not exceed the 4.3 GB (which is the max size of DVDR).

After importing audio files to project, you will return to "Author" page, and you can see all the audio files in the project file list.

"DVD Chapters" is the marker point of DVD, and you can have 99 chapters at most in one DVD title. You can use the "Previous/ Next Chapter" button on your DVD remoter controller to jump to the specific audio file.

You can use “Add Chapter”, “Delete”, ”Up”, ”Down” buttons or the pop up menu by right clicking on the project file list, to edit the layout of chapters and audio files.

For example:
a. Add a new chapter, and move the music file into it.
b. Drag & drop the chapter or music file to any position.
c. Move up & down the chapter and music file.

4. Fourth Step - Preview your Audio DVD

You can preview your Audio DVD anytime when you are authoring it. If it's not what you want, you can back to "Author" page or "Settings" page to modify the project, and preview it again and again until you are satisfied.

5. Fifth Step - Create Audio DVD

You can export the Audio DVD to hard disk folder, so that you can check it with a software DVD player at first, then you can burn it with you favorite DVD burning software.

You can also burn the Audio DVD directly with the internal burning engine of Audio DVD Creator. If you have multiple DVD writers on your PC, please select it form the DVD writer list. You can set the Volume Name of your Audio DVD too.

Ready? Click “Go!” to create your Audio DVD!

6. Sixth Step

Now, you just need to wait a while for the finish. you can also click “Cancel” to stop processing and back to "Create" page.

After about 30 to 90 minutes (depends on the power of your PC), your Audio DVD will be created successfully. Enjoy it!

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